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Purchase Fat Bastard Burrito gift cards at any of our store locations. Our gift cards never expire, and are reloadable! Check your gift card balance using the link below.

FAT BASTARD BURRITO GIFT CARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS REDEMPTION Each gift card purchaser or user of Fat Bastard Burrito Gift Cards is referred to as a “User”. Fat Bastard Burrito Gift Cards (Gift Card) may be redeemed at participating Fat Bastard Burrito stores in Canada, toward the purchase of eligible products. Purchases are deducted from the Gift Card balance. Any unused balance will remain on the Gift Card. If a purchase exceeds the amount of the Gift Card, the balance must be paid with an acceptable credit/debit card or cash. LIMITATIONS Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards. Gift Cards cannot be transferred for value, redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law. Unused Gift Card balances may not be transferred to another Gift Card. RISK OF LOSS The risk of loss and title for Gift Cards pass to the User upon purchase. We are not responsible if a Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed, non-functional or used without User's permission. Gift Cards should be treated as cash. FRAUD Fat Bastard Burrito reserves the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review Gift Cards for suspected fraud, for Gift Cards mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for other violations of Gift Card policies. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Fat Bastard Burrito is not responsible or liable to any User or any third party, whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise, for any claims, costs, damages or expenses arising out of: (i) User’s negligent act or omission, willful misconduct or fraud; (ii) any breach or default by User of the obligations under these terms and conditions; (iii) Fat Bastard Burrito’s failure to carry out its obligations if the failure is caused by a third party, a system or data processing failure or any other act or omission outside of Fat Bastard Burrito’s control; and (iv) any loss of profits or incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages regardless of how they arise. Fat Bastard Burrito makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the gift cards, including without limitation, any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. If there is any issue with or related to a gift card (including without limitation if a gift card code is non-functional), User's sole remedy, and Fat Bastard Burrito’s sole liability, shall be the replacement of such gift card. User shall indemnify and hold harmless Fat Bastard Burrito and its officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors or representatives from and against any and all third party charges, claims, losses, demands, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, causes of action or suits (collectively, “Losses”) incurred or suffered by Fat Bastard Burrito or its officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors or representatives to the extent resulting from: (a) User's negligent act or omission, willful misconduct or fraud; and (b) any breach or default (including without limitation breach of a representation or warranty hereunder) by User of the obligations under these Terms and Conditions. GENERAL TERMS Gift Cards are issued by FB Burrito Partnership (Fat Bastard Burrito), an Ontario partnership. The laws of the Province of Ontario will govern these Terms and Conditions and persons using Gift Cards submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Ontario. Fat Bastard Burrito reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at its discretion. All terms and conditions are applicable to the extent permitted by law. EXPIRATION Gift Cards do not expire. CONTACT If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our website or these Terms of Use, please contact our Web Administrator by email at or by regular mail at: Fat Bastard Burrito Home Office 100 Renfrew Dr., Suite 200 Markham, Ontario L3R 9R6

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