*Our Chicken, Steak and Pork is Hormone Free and Steroid
  Free and our Homemade Guac is FREE on ALL Burritos.







We're Proud to be a partner with Chicken.ca and the Canadian Pork Board. This guarantees that all the Pork and Chicken products served at all Fat Bastard Burrito locations are certified Canadian Raised, Responsible Animal Care, On Farm Food Safety, Sustainability Ensured and most importantly we support Canadian Farmers.

We are very serious about
the products we serve.

At all Fat Bastard Locations our Chicken, Steak and Pork is certified Hormone and Steroid Free.

Our Chicken and Pork is 100% Canadian Raised, sourced from only Federally Approved Processors, and our products is certified Responsible Animal Care, On Farm Food Safety and 
Sustainability Ensured and is Raised by a Canadian Farmer Certified.

Our steak is Grass Fed, and is also Hormone Free and Steroid Free, sourced only from Federally Approved Suppliers. All our products are cooked from fresh in every store and all marinates are made in store using the freshest and cleanest ingredients.

We do not use MSG or Preservatives in any of our Proteins or Marinates. We use the Best Tortilla's, made in Canada from Artisan Flour and all our Tortillas are Non GMO. Our Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Coleslaw is made from scratch in every store.


Like your Burrito super SPICY? Are you a HOT SAUCE ADDICT? Do you find that you can never get your food hot enough? Do you carry around a hot sauce bottle everywhere you go just to get the heat you need? We have the solution. Our hot sauce is FREAKIN' HOT! One dot, two dots, three dots? The choice is yours. If you're brave enough, go for a line or two and get totally flamed! We love hot sauce as much as you do so we made our very own.

Oh Ya, We sell Coke from Mexico also, just because made from cane sugar and it tastes so much better!

380-480 Cals

830 Cals

460-650 Cals

960 Cals

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